The past year was a year of growth for our organization. Not only in terms of growth the number of students in our groups. The participation in our training programs by various men and women in The Mechanic ™ and Amazon Fighting System ™ are also a success. All of these people already had a lot of experience, but were determined to keep examining themselves. With our conceptual approach they found a way to develop an evolutionary blueprint.

Just to be clear: Close Quarter Fighting System™ has nothing to do with kravmaga. A clear fact is that all students participating in ‘The Mechanic ™’, are ex kravmaga or kravmaga instructors. They confirm that the concepts and principles that are taught in Close Quarter Fighting System™, cannot be found in their style of kravmaga. Is this statement there to depict something negative?

No, on the contrary, there are no good or bad methods. But as a coach in the craft of violence, one has to ask whether what one teaches his students is actually usable when it really matters. We know from experience, that some so-called experts from certain federations do not care about that. Evidential value lies in actions, not in words.

However, what worries us the most, is the tendency that anyone who is a little involved in self-defense, sells the concept of self-defense and resilience as simple and easy to learn. Terms and statements such as “resilience techniques” and “everything in a pleasant atmosphere at short term” are included in the jargon as well. The only reason to do this, is to for marketing, in order to attract customers by putting forward a false sense of security.

Integrity towards reality within the craft of violence is out of the question. For this reason, our organization wants to distance itself from such practices.

  • Is there coarse motorial behavior or fine motorial behavior during a violent confrontation?

Of course, it is coarse motorial behavior. So the resilience techniques that have a fine motorial origin, do not apply to this context.

  • Acquiring skills in dealing with violence in the short term, in a pleasant, relaxed environment?

Also gets you thinking when you compare it to learning how to drive. Have you managed to learn this within 3 lessons? In a pleasant and relaxed environment? Every student who comes to expand his or her possibilities with us, talks about the unpleasant experience he or she has taken part in, and felt absolutely not relaxed after the confrontation on the streets.

From a logical point of view, decision-making is very clear to meet the conditions in what is called resilience and self-defense.

  • Just providing time and effort, is not the right approach in the craft of violence.
  • The training goal must achieve a specific and measurable result.
  • Just getting tired physically is not enough to reach the intended goal.
  • Without connecting the psychological phases with physical modalities, this is a waste of time.

Be critical in your search. And if you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask.

René Verheggen en Sascha Del Sal