Our organization is flooded with questions, about whether it is possible to gain insight into a concept that offers intelligent solutions to aggressive confrontations within 2 days. We are happy to give you an answer.

  • Insight is something that is connected to a certain intelligence.
  • To gain certain insights, you need comprehension and a desire to work that is linked to discipline.

Why are we talking about insight? All kinds of courses are offered by various so-called experts, that sell this optional story about 2-days of insight gaining for a sizeable sum of money. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. This is yet another example of opportunism substantiated by manuals and certificates which are of no value.

All of our Mechanic™ students already have the necessary experience in armed and unarmed confrontations. The majority of these people has also undergone military training, but agree that this is of no use in this context.

  • Why emphasize this?

To clarify that we are people who need time to achieve something, regardless of our capacity. Developing one of our concepts, Brace/React to increase your speed of response, needs training. A course of approximately 10 months, to improve the blueprint on a mental level as well as in the physical neuromuscular area.

Of course it doesn’t stop there, and you’ll need to achieve a continuous foundation in your training. In the mental part, as well as the physical part. Finally, look at the instructor who offers these courses.

  • Does he or she follow the so-called concepts and principles they sell? In other words, is it a ‘way of life’ for him or her?
  • Are they effortlessly going through this course, and substantiate it through actions and not through talk?
  • If these questions are answered negatively, then it’s fairly simple: you buy a McDojo. An empty box with no value whatsoever, except for a nice, marketing-wise substantiated story. Lead by example, otherwise the time and money you invest are worthless. And time is the most precious thing there is.


René Verheggen en Sascha Del Sal