The building blocks of Close Quarter Fighting System

What is CQFS?

Close Quarter Fighting System (CQFS) is a unique system, focused on dealing with everyday situations and aggressive confrontations. Within CQFS we work on reducing restraint, both physically and mentally, to make yourself more resilient.

We teach how to seamlessly convert your natural responses and distress into effective body movements. A solid counter-reaction, applicable in moments of need. After all, who are you when nobody is watching? When you’re on your own? Would you take your responsibility?

3 phases

Within the CQFS-system we work in three phases. First, we teach you how to get full control over yourself and your environment. You are no longer the victim, but the person who takes the lead. This makes you able to cope with everyday situations and confrontations, and to dominate your opponent. With your new, offensive attitude, you are more capable to decide whether or not to eliminate. Your decision will be dictated by your aggressor, the person who defines your limits. And therefore, the result of your action.



When you end up in a confronting situation, your brain will automatically ensure that you flee, petrify or fight. CQFS teaches you how to deal with these kinds of situations. In this way you will be able to control and dominate these.

We created a systematic approach, where natural fear responses are seamlessly converted into effective body movements. To do that, we use combative drills that are truly applicable.
That’s why we make your training area as realistic as possible. After all, confronting or aggressive situations can arise daily and in any place. Exercise reduces your fear of such situations. CQFS will unconsciously become part of your reflex responses. You’ll create a new blueprint. This way, confrontations will never surprise you anymore.


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