Christophe van Vaerenbergh

If you choose to practice CQFS in the area of Aalst, then I am your Mechanic.

I train adults in a mixed group. Private lessons are available by appointment. CQFS is for everyone who wants to be able to protect themselves. Physically and mentally.

I have practiced several kinds of MMA sports for many years, including Muay Thai, English boxing and BJJ-grappling. I also was a Krav Maga instructor for about ten years. Sports like these teach you several techniques to strengthen your resilience. However, the mental aspect involved is often overlooked. CQFS combines the two. During my lessons, we simulate realistic, confronting situations that can happen on a daily basis. In order for you to be able defend yourself when necessary.

My Garage is located in the sports hall of the Sint-Jozef college in Aalst. Here I have access to my own training room with extensive sports equipment.Furthermore, you can park your car for free in the parking lot and you’ll have access to toilets and changing rooms.


Wednesday: 20:00 – 21:00 hours


Eikstraat 2
9300 Aalst

0032 477 791249

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