When you talk about so-called self-defense, everything revolves around knowledge. This knowledge gives you the power to overcome your main obstacle: fear.

Fear for the fear
Fear consists of two components: biological fear and psychological fear.

Biological Fear
Fear triggers the so-called ‘Fight or Flight’ syndrome. This statement is useless when physical confrontations occur. And disrupts the chance of winning. Adrenaline is the key to success. It is your mental attitude that eventually determines your action.

Psychological fear
Psychological fear is part of your emotional condition. Emotions are created by your thoughts, which you can control. Therefore, we teach you how to seamlessly convert your natural responses and distress into effective body movements. This enables you to find solutions to various problems that you might face. In our training, we stick to the psychological phases that are stated below:

  • Martial truths
  • Combative facts
  • Dynamics
  • Self-confidence – investement / shield
  • Ability to adapt
  • Tools for pre-fight
  • Defensive principles
  • Legal considerations
  • Problem solving
  • Reduction of fear

CQFS is a system that consists of various components. All components together aim to support the concept of the system. Be curious, be critical and learn where you are capable of.

René Verheggen & Sascha Del Sal
Founders CQFS™