What is CQFS?
Close Quarter Fighting System (CQFS) is a unique system, focused on dealing with everyday situations and aggressive confrontations. Within CQFS, we work on reducing restraint, both physically and mentally, to make yourself more resilient.

Can I register for a free trial lesson?
Yes, that is possible. You can sign up for a free trial lesson at the Garage (training venue) of your choice.

In what way is CQFS different from other disciplines, like martial arts?
Martial arts teach you several techniques and tricks when it comes to self defense. However, these martial arts give you a false sense of certainty. While practicing CQFS, you actually work on dealing with daily and confronting situations. We strive to make our trainings as realistic as possible.

Who can practice CQFS?
CQFS suits everyone who wants to learn to be able to defend themselves in confronting situations, both physically and mentally. Regardless of background, physical condition, age and gender.

Which CQFS programs can I choose?
We have developed several training programs.

Mixed group lessons
In a mixed group lesson, men and women train together to increase their resilience. Our trainings are tailored to the composition and level of the group. Together you will work towards a new blueprint.

Aimed at people who want to fully immerse themselves in everything that CQFS has to offer. This advanced program consists of 35 training sessions of 2 hours. Once you complete the program, you can call yourself Mechanic. This is also a step forward towards becoming an instructor.

Private lessons
The ‘Be Your Own Guardian’ program is suitable for people who wish to train in very small groups and get the maximum out of themselves. We have developed three variants of the program. Choose the Fundamental program if you’d like to train in a small group up to a maximum of 4 people. Do you seek more? We also offer a Salvation program and an Absolution program. In these programs, you work intensively with CQFS’ founder Sascha Del Sal.

Women who rather not train in a mixed group can opt for the Amazon program. This program is exclusively developed for women who want to increase their resilience together.

Unfortunately, kids sometimes have to deal with confronting situations too. We offer a specially developed kids program. Here they playfully learn to stand up for themselves.

I would like to become a CQFS instructor myself. Is that possible?
Are you excited about CQFS and would you like to help others to increase their resilience? You can choose to become an instructor (Mechanic). In order to achieve this, you minimally need to complete the Mechanic and Quatum Mechanic program.

What equipment do I need to practice CQFS?
You don’t need much equipment. Think of comfortable sports clothes, a toque, a mouthguard and boxing gloves. Most Garages are equipped with boxing gloves, so consult your trainer before you buy them.

Where can I practice CQFS?
You can practice CQFS at various locations in The Netherlands and Belgium. We expect the number of Garages to increase in the upcoming years. Therefore, you will always find a Garage close by. Here you’ll find an overview of all Garages.

What are the program fees?
You can choose from a selection of subscriptions. Your monthly fee depends on the program you choose and the number of classes you take. The Mechanic program has a fixed fee: €2.475,-. Here you’ll find our subscriptions.